Research & Development

Our Mission for Research & Development:
  •  Invention and Development of New Automobile Bearings and Component
  •  To bring Improvisations with the existing Automobile Bearings
  •  To Understand and Resolve the application issues derived from the End Users
  •  Step in to confirm the predictions
  •  Gathering, Maintenance & Sharing of information in appropriate form
  •  Gear-up for Technological Leadership through Designing & Innovations

Research & Development is just not an event of the day but, it is a part of regular process at ISK Bearings Industries. To bring innovations, our competent team of employees are actively participated into thorough Research & Development activity, which is running on and on.

After our constant Research & Development activities, we proud to bring an Innovation derived from it in the form of 3rd Generation Rear Wheel Hub Bearing Unit and Slider Roller Bearing Kit for Three Wheeler application, which enabled us to won some prestigious Awards as well as renowned Recognitions.

All our Research & Development activities are being carried-out in conjunction with the End Users of our Product, Our valued Suppliers & Service Providers, Our Group Companies, Mentors from various group companies and Cluster & Committees, Associations and Institutions, Laboratories, etc.

Facilities available under our R&D Department:
  •  We have own Design Studio
  •  Instruments for various Calculations
  •  Standard Room cum Testing Lab
  •  Fully Equipped Tool Room (Prototype Workshop)
  •  Bearing Failure Analysis
  •  Field Tests like trials

It’s our commitment to eliminate bearing issues before such issues arise as a problem.

During our R&D Activities, we take utmost care of Environment, Health & Safety as well.